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Wires and Cable Recycling

About Wires and Cables Recycling

All of us have some sort of devices or electronic gadgets that sooner or later turns old or breaks into a substantial cable cluster. These connections and cables are thrown in the waste most of the times. What if these wire waste can be recycled? It would be a great thing and indeed one of the best ways to use the wire and cable waste. Every wire can be recycled. Wires include telephone wire, computer-wire, energy cables and ultrafine wire, but are not restricted to these. PCs, phones, fax machines, printers, TVs, servers, Radios, mp3 players and more are common applications which require wires or cables. There is no end to the list. These wires can be reused if you want.Through various procedures, cable and wire are recycled and reused.

Process of Wires and Cables Recycling

The metal from rubber or plastic case is separated by employing a specific method. A unique machine is frequently used to grind the wire and to separate the parts. A specialized machine is used to cut the wire into different lengths and sizes. The wire is thus cut into different sizes. In our case, air is used to remove metal from the insulation part. The final outcome of both techniques is the separation of steel, brass, copper, plastic, and rubber in the form of small pellets. These products can then be sent straight to manufacturers of rubber, plastics and metals. To get your wires recycled, drop off wires to a recycling centre like ours.
Our facilityhas on-site boxes where unwanted electronic parts can be placed. Your junk accumulate is recycled at the plant, and you can rest easy to appreciate your role in the cleanup of the planet.

Benefits of Wires and Cables Recycling

It is now so natural to reuse your oldwires and cables that there is no reason why you should not. It is our responsibility to ensure that we care for this earth for the future and reuse most of our old things, including wires and cables. It is one of the most reliable lessons we can take. So what are you waiting for? Just contact the EWRHUB plant based at Mumbai and recycle your e waste. You can recycle all your electronic wastes including the cables and wires junk. Take this initiative and help in a cleaner and greener world.

Why Us?

Wire and cable recycling services at EWRHUB helps in recycling cables and wire from the households and commercial setups. The cable and wire are sorted into various materials and the bulk of them are sold locally.
EWRHUB is a company, which is pioneer in the field of recycling of e-waste. The cables and wires recycling is an important service offered by our company. Now you can also recycle your e-waste including the wires and cables, by availing our quality services.