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Television Recycling

About Television Recycling

All heavy equipments, we plug into power sources are included in large electronics. The large electronics category includes big screen TVs, copy / printers and audio receiver. It is important to have recycling for these equipments because of the fact that they contain many of wires and electronic components, which are highly valued in the recycling market. Large equipments like TV can be recycled to add extra value to it. In this process, the important parts of the Television sets are recycled so that their value can be enhanced.

Benefits of Television Recycling

Unwanted electronics like old TV are one of the most rapidly growing waste streams in the country. Potentially harmful material like lead and mercury can be contained in electronics which, if not properly managed, may pose a risk to human health and environment. Electronics also contain valuable materials such as precious metals. Electronic recycling provides the raw material to recycling companies and creates jobs, in addition to the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources.

Process of Television Recycling

This should be your first step if you can restore the factory settings of your electronics. Most smart televisions and many printers now contain personal data which may not be accessed by others. The re-establishment of the factory settings removes this data for privacy protection.

If your big electronic item still works, reusing is an excellent way of reducing any product’s ecological impact. Cathode ray tube (CRT) electronics contain hazardous metals such as mercury. These metals are harmless during use, but potentially toxic if the device releases the metals in your home is dropped or damaged.

The CRT of television systems is sent for shredding. During the shredding phase the plastics in form of wires is separated from metals. A specific process is executed to separate the precious metals. These metals and plastics are collected and sent for reuse. The metal separated is sent to the smelter where it is heated at high temperatures so that it can be purified as well as reused.

Why Us?

EWRHUB is an industry leader in the field of Television Recycling and E waste recycling. Large electronic appliances like TV can be effectively recycled by availing our services. We have a separate and dedicated section for the TV recycling. Highly advanced technology and processes are used to execute Television recycling. You can contact EWRHUB to avail the best e component recycling services.