E-Waste Recycler hub

Process of recycler hub

Process of recycling at EWRHUB

EWR HUB uses an efficient SOP for whole process of electronic waste recycling. Right from collecting the E waste, to its transpiration and segregation and reuse, we do it all with the help of skilled team and our expertise into this area.

EWR HUB ensure a smooth process to perform overall operation on any electronic trash. We ensure to maintain the best quality and real time essentials at every step of the recycling, making an effective resultant. We understand the importance of each and every phase of the complete process, hence our focus is to do everything with precision so that the results are great and we can meet the highest standards of the quality of E waste recycling.

Here is how and what we do with your E waste


We have a team dedicated for collection of E waste. The team is given the protective working gear. Proper measurements are taken at the time of collection with the help of advanced measuring equipment. We maintain good precision while collecting the E waste, as we also segregate the waste at the time of collection only. That makes the further procedure easy and smooth.


After collection of the E waste, the electronic waste is transported to the processing hub. We guarantee a safe transportation of E waste in all the possible ways. We have a closed container that is used for carrying the electronic items safely. This ensures that the items do not get distressed and damaged. This is how we ensure the smooth loading and transportation of the electronic items.


Post transportation, when E waste is collected at the hub for processing, the items are then segregated. The segregation may be done on the basis of material or on the basis of industrial usage. This segregation process ensure that the product is recycled in the best possible ways and for the best suitable reuse .We, at E waste recycler are very much cautious on this process and this is why we can utilize your E waste eat the best possible manner.

Reuse and Recycle:

After segregation, items are opened and the parts are separated. There are lot o chances that you may find a working element out of non working electronic items. If any of the part is good enough to be reused, we send it to the respective industry. This is how we do the reuse of the parts of any electronic items. Also, there can be some precious and semi precious metals are available, that we extract out of E waste, making them utilized in many ways. However, there are some useless parts that cannot be used, we process them for recycling. This is how the overall process of E waste recycling at EWRHUB takes place, We ensure that we use the E waste at the fullest and then whatever is the residue, we make sure to recycle it in an eco friendly way. So, Next time before you throw any electronic item, meet us and we will make the best use of you electronics.