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Monitor Recycling

About Monitor Recycling

The disassembly and separation of components as well as raw materials of waste electronics like computer monitor is monitor recycling, electronic recycling or e-waste recycling. While the reuse, donation and repair processes are not strictly recycling, other sustainable ways of disposing of IT wastes are common.

Benefits of Monitor Recycling

The recycling of valuable scare earth metals and precious metals in shortages, as well as plastics and metals takes place primarily through electronic recycling. After purification these are resold or used in new devices to create a circulatory economy. However, the useful components of dead monitors that are damaged after use can also be used to make or use new monitors that can be used for material costs as well.

E-Waste-recycling is regarded as environmental friendly as it prevents the entry of dangerous waste into the atmosphere, the landfills or the waterways. The waste includes heavy metals and carcinogenic substances. While a small fraction of the total waste produced by the electronics are considerably more hazardous. High standards exist to implement sustainable disposal of electrical equipments.

Process of Monitor Recycling

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitoring is the most important thing to use in order to recycle electrical and electronic equipment from waste, mostly removed from the cathode tube. If you have a LCD screen, small fluorescent bulbs containing mercury will probably be retrospective. Both toxic metals are inside of the monitors. This makes it extra important that these monitors are kept out of the sites and carefully treated during recycling.

Here are a few steps to take in the preparation of your monitor for recycling:

DVI, HDMI or VGA cords (as well as CPU) are disconnected from your monitor to ease loading and prevent tearing (you will need to screw the ends for VGA). Unplug the power cord too if it is removable.

The Monitors are then shredded using the latest technology. During the shredding, different metals, plastics etc are separated, which can be converted in to small pieces in the next part. After, this the different metals as well as plastics can be used as fresh materials.

Why Us?

EWRHUB is a company, having years of experience in the field of E-Waste Recycling. We follow the latest technology and tools to recycle your Computer Monitors and other E-stuffs. We have standard procedures and we comply with all legal requirements while executing our E-Waste Recycling processes. You can also contact EWRHUB and avail the quality E-components recycling services.