E-Components Recycling

Key Issues Related to E-waste in India

E-Waste recycling has become popular in different parts of the world, especially in India. Some of the issues related to E-Waste in India are discussed here:

  • Generated volume of e-waste

India is fifth in the generation of e-waste, generating around 1.7 lakhs metric tons per year

  • Involvement of Child Labour

Approximately 4.5 Lakh child labourers in the age group of 10-14 are noted to be involved in numerous E-waste operations in different yards and recycling workshops without appropriate protection and safeguards. There is an urgent need for efficient legislation to avoid child labour from entering the e-waste market-its collection, segregation and allocation.

  • Ineffective legislation

Most E-waste websites lack government data. These organizations do not have any E-waste data on their websites, their main public interface. Even the fundamental rules and guidelines for e-waste are not uploaded. In the case of absence of information on their website, especially on the details of recyclers and e-waste collectors, citizens and institutional generators of e-waste are totally at a loss to handle their waste and are unable to fulfil their responsibilities.

  • Lack of infrastructure

There is an enormous gap between currently produced recycling and collection equipments and the quantity of e-waste. There are no mechanisms for collecting and retrieving. Recycling facilities are lacking.

  • Hazards to health

E-waste includes over 1,000 poisonous products that contaminate the soil and groundwater. Exposure can lead to headache, irritability, nausea, vomiting, and pain in the eye. Recyclers may experience liver, kidney and neurological illnesses. They also risk their health and the environment due to absence of consciousness.

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