Key Challenges for E-Waste Recycling Industry

A substantial amount of challenges are being faced by the e-waste recycling industry. Some of these challenges are as follows:

 Exports to developing countries

Exporting e-waste, including dangerous and toxic products, leads to severe health risks for employees operating in countries without appropriate environmental checks to dismantle electronic equipment. Currently, 50-80% of the e-waste collected by recyclers is exported abroad, including illegal e-scrap exported, which is of specific interest. Overall, insufficient management of electronic recycling has resulted in numerous health and environmental issues in developing nations.

Less precious materials

Although e-waste quantity is quickly rising, e-waste quality is declining. Devices that contain less precious metal are becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, the material values of many electronic and electrical end-of-life devices have dropped significantly.  Electronics recyclers suffered as a result of decreasing worldwide recycled commodity prices, which reduced margins and resulted in closures of businesses.

Electronics that are not intended for recycling and reuse

Many products are still designed in ways that cannot be readily recycled, repaired or reused. For proprietary purposes, such design is often conducted to the detriment of general environmental objectives. In this respect, Government Organisations have been active in encouraging measures to expand the variety of licensed businesses that allow smart phones to be repaired and refurbished to prevent their needless destruction.

Most e-waste still goes to landfills

Definitely the present rate or amount of e-waste recycling is not enough. There is much space for enhancement in the present recycling rate of 15-18 percent as most e-waste is still relegated to landfills.

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