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About Hard Drives Recycling

Hard drive recycling can be viewed in a number of ways. Overwriting drive by erasing the data completely so that the drives can be reused or the physical destruction, which means Hard-drive, can be further recycled to its base material.

Businesses and the public sector are viewed as data controllers and are responsible for ensuring data protection. This is particularly important if computer equipment is disposed of and hard drives are recycled or deleted.

Process of Hard Drives Recycling

Drives that fail the erasing process still need a procedure. Only physical destruction ensures the complete removal of data. There are two forms of physical destruction, the crushing or the shredding. The drives will be recycled once destroyed.

When shredded / crushed, the drives are further shredded and cut into small particulate sizes after shredding or crushing. Various different ways to disassemble materials, including electromagnet, materials floating in different density liquids, separators and centrifuges are then used. This permits the separation of light metals like aluminium, separation of the magnets and the circuit boards.

The latter are returned as recycled materials and are ready for a brand new production process and products.

Benefits of Hard Drives Recycling

In order to prepare for reuse and marketing of any computer equipment, the IT asset recovery process for computers and hard drives including test, repair and renovation needs to be followed. The process involves the collection of components for reuse and re-manufacturing (RAM, hard drives, graphical cards, keyboards, mice, etc). This all process is followed during the Hard Drives Recycling Process.

Data security, data violations and data protection nowadays are a part of our everyday lives. We do not want our data to be taken into false hands from a personal point of view and we expect the person holding our information to be equally responsible. All these facts are taken care with the hard drive recycling process.

The hard drive recycling provides additional benefits of disposing of the waste. This helps in keeping the environment clean. Also, when the product is recycled, new value is added to it. Hence, the recycling of Hard Drives is a boon to the people.

Why Us?

EWRHUB offers a safe, secure and compliant solution for computer and hard drive waste management of all types. We offer an extensive hard disk recycling service, a continuous data destruction service and, where necessary, a data collection service.

Data Destruction process at EWRHUB is a certified process for removing all data from hard drives of the computer. This hard disk recycling service provides our customers with a certifiable safe service while retaining the integrity of the process.