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Digital Camera Recycling

About Digital Camera Recycling

Digital cameras have become an excellent product for amateur and professional photographers, thanks to their ability to view and edit images right away. As digital cameras have appeared into the market, there have been many recycling options. And digital cameras remain, sufficiently popular to sell or to give as opposed to movie cameras. However, how can you get rid of your unwanted digital camera in environmentally friendly ways is an important question.

Benefits of Digital Camera Recycling

Digital cameras, like all electronics, are produced using valuable materials. Its microchips contain gold and platinum, copper in the wiring and aluminium elsewhere. Digital cameras are also often equipped with nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that both contain elements that can damage humans if consumed in a sufficiently large amount.

In solder inside the camera, the lead, a heavy metal, is found. None of these elements can be disposed in a site or incinerator where water, soil and air are present. Rather, like other products they should be re-used. Make sure that your digital camera is recycled when it comes the time to dispose it.
There are more options for responsible disposal of old, unwanted digital camera than ever before.

Process of Digital Camera Recycling

Most companies that bring the whole thing of Digital camera Recycling, will take your digital cameras to the recycling centre. You can drop off the used and waste digital cameras at the collection points.

The camera parts are shredded and first segregated to metals and plastics. The plastics are treated separately and metal parts are treated in a different way. Different metals including the metals of Batteries are collected using a specific process. Once the plastics and metals are separated, they are sent to different collection points, from where they are distributed to be reused. Highly sophisticated machines are used for the segregation and shredding process.

Why Us?

EWR Hub is your one stop solution to recycle the E-waste. The speciality of EWRHUB is the use of highly sophisticated machinery and advanced technology for recycling process. All the legal restrictions are strictly adhered while recycling the electronic wastes.

The company has a team of experienced professionals. Who on the basis of their expertise add value to the complete process and recycle your products effectively. EWRHUB is a company, which is pioneer in the field of Electronic components recycling and working in this field for many years. To get high quality E-waste recycling services, you can contact EWRHUB.