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Data Destruction



It is very important for the organizations to dispose theirdata in a secure and safe manner. The sensitivity of corporate data is very high and even a small leak can make a big difference. Any crucial data from any corporate should not be exposed, hence understanding the need of data security. The most popular method or process in use for data destruction is degaussing. Using this technology, data is destructed permanently and there will be no risk of data loss, modification or manipulation.


EWRHUB uses a couple of methods to achieve the best results on data destruction, such as:


Degaussing is a process where the disks and the taps are kept in strong magnetic field. When the taps are exposed to the external magnetic field,the internal magnetic field of the disk that holds the data gets erased. This method is useful to erase the data from computer, laptop, hard drives, diskettes, reels, cassettes and cartridge tapes. All the data stored in the tapes and disks gets neutralized when it comes in contact with magnetic field, leaving the disk erased permanently. When exposed to the powerful magnetic field of a degasser, the magnetic data on a tape or hard disk is neutralized, or erased. Degaussing is thepreferred method to destroy the data from hard drive because it meets standards of the data destruction.


E waste Recycler also uses shredding / drilling services for data destruction. Any type of electronic media can be destructed using this method. Inthis process, the tapes and drives are drilled or crushed to destroy the data as well as the disks. As the storage is physically crushed, it cannot be reused.


In order to understand the importance of data destruction, you must know that any data is not just a piece of information, but the information can be so crucial that either supposed to be confidential or it is something that is not so casual to be discussed with everyone out there. In Both the cases, the sole responsibility of data owner is to save the data from unwanted hand and keep it safe. Ifthe data is old and is no us anymore, however, still needs to be a secret, then data destruction is something that helps you to achieve the confidentiality without having to hide the data her and there in the folders

Understanding the importance of data security, laws have been passed that state strict regulation sand penalty for irresponsible data disposal. Keeping these facts in mind, the corporates are moving towards the efficient data disposal methods and solutions. It is not only something that law suggests but also a favorable deed for your business and the safety of your data.


EWRHUB provides the best solutions for data destruction. EWRHUB works well with latest technologies to get the process of data destruction executed. Here, at EWRHUB you get the perfect solution for the proper disposal of your data and become carefree.