Electronic Waste recycling hub

E Waste About

Industry Leader

EWR HUB is a Leader in E-Waste Recycling Industries.

We are professional in the field of secure data destruction and electronics recycling services.

Since Started our journey in 1998, now we become a leader in our industry.

We follow the best Technology for electronic waste disposal. To take care of all your electronic recycling needs.

We have over 21 years of practice in the fields of hi tech technology, logistics and recycling.

This makes Electronic Waste Recycling Hub (EWRHUB) the First choice of all corporates in India when searching end-to end e waste Recycling solutions.


Recycle all waste with the best hi tech technology to save environment


Recycling all types of electronics waste with eco-friendly way and save environment.

Support our clients with secure and cost effective recycling solutions.

Our Philosophy

Simplify the waste dispose process

Secure all private data

Recycle Process

We Are Secure Compliance and Transparent

Our experts management follow end to end each and every step of the process.

We also assurance that we comply with information security and environmental norms & regulations.