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EWR HUB is an electronic waste management company. Electronic waste has become a major issue in developing countries like India & this is one of the problems that needs immediate solution before it harms the environment waste should be processed with the help of sustainable methods so that the grievous effects of the waste can be reduced significantly.E waste recycler hub works on the e waste recycling with the best practiced approach to recycle the electronic waste.

Electronic gadgets are being replaced by new appliances so frequently that it has increased the E wastage significantly. The bad part is people are replacing the electronic items but do not know about the appropriate dumping of used items. However, we have no idea that this improper dumping of Electronic items is causing a huge damage to the environment & we are ending up making the planet polluted. If you understand the critical of this effect & want to protect our planet for next generations& want to give them a healthy planet, E waste recycle hub will do it all for you.We are based in Mumbai & one of the best electronics waste management company.

Services ABOUT Electronic Waste Recycling hub


In order to understand the E waste management, we first need to understand how it impacts the environment & why it becomes necessary to adopt for a solution for a proper dumping of Electronic products. these items contain metals like Cadmium, chromium, Barium and mercury that pollutes water. This is why proper disposal and recycling of e-waste is so essential.  EWR HUB is here to dispose of your equipment and together we can make the world a better place. We help people by fully managing their e wastes and recycling them into useful stuffs.

E-waste Collection

We have e waste collection facility across India with huge capacity for all types of e waste material.
Our recycling team will coordinate a pickup date that works best for you.
With a huge collection capacity we are able to handle huge volumes of electronic wastes in India.
Once the waste has been recycled, we deliver a Certificate of Recycling.
Confirming the proper recycling of your e waste.
Please feel free to contact for more information!

E-waste Management

EWR HUB – For All Your E waste disposal Needs
World-Class Asset Management Performed Across India.
If you have an excess of unused or end-of-life IT equipment or office technology,
Contact EWR HUB today by calling us Or, simply fill out the request form located on our website and one of our executive will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.
EWR HUB has a national network capacity to provide best E waste asset management services for your company. For the absolute best E waste asset recycling management.
Contact EWR HUB today.

E-waste Recycling

EWR HUB has been the nation’s leading provider of disposal and recycling services. Concentrating in the recycling of e waste.
We offer a broad range of highly-specialized services to our customers.
EWR HUB is a one stop solution for all your electronic waste eco-friendly recycle.
We provide e waste recycling services for all types of commercial and industrial material.
Services are delivered by the experienced professionals and are checked by the inspection unit to end to end recycling.
Our motto to reduce the percentage of e-waste to zero level into landfills.


All the outdated products that are not in use any more comes in the category of E waste. It can be any kind of electronic item that is being dumped into trash it is kept in store room without any use & reason. These products contain valuable metals inside & their parts can be recycled to be used for making new electronics or other products.

Electronic Waste Recycling & Management

EWR HUB recycles e-Waste in a way that ensures cleanliness of the environment. We will guide how your electronic scraps can be recycled. You can obtain the recycling of parts of your computer, old laptops, mobile phones, Electronic kitchen equipment such as microwave, TV and radio.

Our company’s objective is to minimize waste, to make it as best possible by recycling this waste. This helps you to save the environment from contamination and your scrap is ready to be used again. E-waste recycler Hub may be the best option for you, either you are an individual who does not want to dump electronic waste in local waste or you are an organization who wants their bulk E waste to be used in the best way. You can move to healthy environment by a small step towards smart electronic recycling because you get better atmosphere with this, and who doesn’t want to breathe fresh air?

EWR HUB is a one stop solution for all of you. Help us to make the planet greener and cleaner.

Data Destruction

Data Destruction

The process of destruction or removal of data from electronic components like hard disks, laptops, etc is known as data destruction. This is intended to ensure privacy of the users.

Electronic Waste Recycle

Electronic Recycle

We recycling of electronic components is known as Electronic recycle. The electronic appliances are usually composed metals and plastics, which can be recycled.

Lamp Recyclling

Lamp Recyclling

We recycling of electric products like Lamps is considered as Lamp Recycling. The lamps are recycled so that the components can be re-used and value is added.

Recycling Process

Recycling Process

EWRHUB Recycling process is a process of recycling the electronic waste using processes like shredding and smelting, Sorting & Grading, Dismantling, Shredding and Disposal.

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